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GREEN OIL operates its own Re-Refinery in Alexandroupolis, Greece.

Also, GREEN OIL operates hydrocarbon residue treatment plants in Cyprus and Libya.

GREEN OIL continuously upgrades its technology.

GREEN OIL has upgraded a hydro-treatment (up to 100 bar pressure) obtaining like that low sulfur (< 300 ppm), base oils of the type GROUP II+ & GROUP III.

GREEN OIL is also planning to invest in the production of:
  • White oils from the process of used lube oils
  • In VGO's de-waxing process
  • Production of Glycerin by processing of Bio-Diesel residues
via a technology of our affiliated company Green Industrial Technologies - www.gitech.gr.

GREEN OIL can solve most hydrocarbon waste problems, either by:
  • Supplying required technology & know-how to third parties
  • Or by setting up its own facilities and operation plants in new locations

GREEN OIL'S Future Plans
Planning to invest into a very high pressure hydro-treatment (200 bars) designed as well by
Green Industrial Technologies - www.gitech.gr.

Financing through GREEN OIL SA
In case a third party is interested to adapt our technology, GREEN OIL may assist to discuss with the investor of the posibility for the project financing through Bank Guarantees.

Waste Lube Oils Re-Refinery
Feedstock capacity 30,000-35,000 tons per year

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