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GREEN OIL SA was established in 1994 in order to build a refinery to re-refine WASTE LUBE OILS (WLO) into BASE OILS and to process general hydrocarbon residues, such as slop oils and contaminated oil products into high value hydrocarbon products.
The process technology that GREEN OIL SA utilises, was developed by GREEN OIL, regarding the distillation part and by Green Industrial Technologies (GIT) – www.gitech.gr (an affiliated to GREEN OIL SA, engineering company) regarding the high pressure hydro-treatment purification part.
GREEN OIL’s re-refinery in Alexandroupolis, Greece, is a state-of-the-art, patented facility out of which is obtained the highest possible product yield, of quantity as well as of quality, compared to other re-refining technologies worldwide. BASE OIL finished to the absolute highest standards is assured by high pressure (up to 100 bars) hydro-finishing purification unit, utilising special catalysts for used lube distillates.
The re-refinery of GREEN OIL SA, has a WLO feedstock capacity of 30,000 tons/year and for the process of this feedstock of waste lube oils, the following steps are taking place:

  • Dewatering of the raw material
  • High vacuum fractional distillation
  • Purification of the obtained fractions via a high pressure (up to 100 bars) hydro-treatment

By this way, they are produced low Sulfur (< 300 ppm) NEW BASE OILS of excellent quality, similar or even better quality than the virgin BASE OILS, of the type GROUP II+ & GROUP III.
The hydro-process technology that GREEN OIL uses, has been designed & inspected during building from the GREEN OIL’s engineering affiliated company Green Industrial Technologies (GIT) – www.gitech.gr.
GREEN OIL’s refinery is able to process the following:

  • Crude Oil (Naphtenic & Parafinic)
  • Hydrocarbon Residues and Off-spec Hydrocarbons
  • Waste Solvents
  • Waste Vegetable’s Glycerin Residue for the production of 99% pure clean Glycerin
  • Kerosene Process for the production of excellent high quality white spirit
  • BLENDING unit for the production of finished automotive and industrial lubricants, to surplus the highest service categories defined by the American Petroleum Institute (API), and exceeding all international requirements for uses such as:
    • Gasoline engine lubricants
    • Diesel engine lubricants
    • Turbocharged engine lubricants
    • Synthetic lubricants
    • Semi-Synthetic lubricants
    • Heavy duty engine lubricants
    • Automatic & manual gear box and transmission lubricants
    • Hydraulic oils
    • Industrial lube oils
    • Marine oils
    • Specialty oils
    • Lubricants & oils for any use, blended to customer requirements

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